Classic orange juice vending machine

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Classic orange juice vending machine
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Model No. VLOEM01

Simple, easy use, quick respond

Technical features

Voltage: 240-110V / 50-60Hz

Power Consumption: 1000W max

Weight: 380 kg

Orange Storage: 50-55 kg

Autonomy: about 50 cups of 400 ml

Temperature: adjustable, from 4 °C

Payment Systems (optional): bill-coin validators in all currencies, cashless payment technologies, MDB-Executive protocols

Self Cleaning: programmable self cleaning after N squeezed juice and by the clock; sanitizing option

Language: all the main languages are available

Look: graphics can be personalized on request (optional)

Container: 12PCS/20ft  25pcs/40ft.

Application occasions:Public occasions,such as Bus/train station,Airport,Shopping mall,Squares,Commercial building and so on.

Application commodity:Orange juice(other Fruit juice is optional)

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